Magical Moving Music Box: Dinosaurs with Hatching Egg (Tune: It's a Small World)

Type: Music Box

Dinosaurs with Hatching Egg

It's a Small World

What makes this music box magical?

Of course, there's the enchanting melody, but this music box also comes to life with motion. See that little dinosaur, it actually moves along its path with the music.

How to use it:
  1. Take the little dinosaur off and set it aside while winding the box.
  2. See the little switch on the side? Flip switch that to off. That way the music will not try to start while you're winding it up.
  3. Turn over the music box to find the winding key on the bottom side. Turn that key clockwise until it stops clicking.
  4. Set the music box down on a flat surface and put the Dinosaur into position.
  5. Flip the switch to on, and watch the magic happen!

What's the secret?

There is a magnet inside the box that revolves around and pulls the train, which also has a magnet in it. All this is powered by the wind-up spring.

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Curious Melodies
Small World
Spinning Carousel Animated Scene Music Box
Dinosaurs with Hatching Egg

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