Hi, we're Bradley and Frederique, the founders of Curious Melodies. We are here to bring you enchanting music boxes and beautiful wooden toys. Our toys are designed to help kids grow and develop, while also being safe and environmentally friendly - and looking good in your home

We want to give children the best possible start in life, and we believe that our wooden toys can make a difference. We started this journey because we wanted our son Felix to have the best toys possible for his development and we didn't like seeing plastic all over our house. We've seen firsthand how much Felix has grown through his engagement with our toys, and we hope your child can experience the same growth and joy.


Music Boxes

In our family, we all love music! In fact, we think it's one of the most important things in life. That's why we're so passionate about wooden music boxes. Our wooden music boxes are not only beautiful, but they also play lovely melodies that can transport you to another place and time. We carefully select each song to ensure that it is both beautiful and calming. The songs our music boxes play are significant to us because they often hold memories from our childhood or moments in our lives that were particularly special.

Music has a way of transporting us back to those moments and emotions, and we want to create that same experience for your children. We believe that music should be a part of every child's life, and our music boxes are the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of music. Each music box comes with a hand-painted scene on the lid, and we hope that these scenes will inspire your child's imagination. We also offer a variety of different styles of music boxes, so you can find the perfect one for your child's personality. We know that children are often drawn to toys that make noise, and our music boxes are designed to capture their attention and interest. We believe that our music boxes will help your child develop a love for music, and we hope they will be a cherished part of your family for years to come.


Thank you for being a part of our story and considering Curious Melodies toys!