Rainbow House Nesting Stacking Toy

Type: Stacker
Brand Curious Melodies
Manufacturer Minimum Age 3 Years
Material Wood
Educational Objective Team Building Skills, Hand-Eye Coordination, Shape Recognition, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving Skills See more
Number of Pieces 5
Age Range (Description) Kid

  • Timeless Simplicity: One of the few toys that has never gone out of style. The simplicity of building blocks makes way for endless creativity.
  • High Quality: Smooth surfaces will not splinter, crack, or chip.
  • Early Skill Development: Encourages play with hands utilizing creativity, hand-eye coordination, shape recognition, problem-solving, storytelling, and many other important developmental skills.
  • Storage Tray: Cleaning up is part of the fun! Puzzle all the blocks together neatly in the included wooden storage tray.
  • All Ages: This toy makes for a great activity for people of all ages. Especially important for children age 3 to 8, working on hand-eye coordination, storytelling, and experimentation.
  • The Rainbow House Stacker is a beautiful wooden toy for toddlers and adults alike!
  • The pieces can be stacked together or be used individually in imaginative open-ended play as bridges, tunnels, houses, caves and much more!